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Building a flash + RAM board for the HP9000 computer

In this video, I build a memory board for the HP 9000 computer. I try this is my 9920, 9836, and 9000/310 computers. This board has basic 5.1 in flash (alternative, could use basic 4.0 or HPL) and it has 3 megabytes of RAM. I also demonstrate using these boards together with DMA and a high-speed disk adapter. It took about 4 tries for me to finally get this board right and completely working. For more vintage computing and electronics videos, see htttp://www.smbaker.com/
Colin Rau : Love your videos Scott! Would love seeing more home made SBCs! Loved the RC2014 series.
Wheeto : 19:47 - is this an editing error, repeating DIP switch explanation?
InfiniteBrain : Do you happen to know if this will work with 9816 model? My understanding is that it should but I'm still at the learning stage on the HP9000s. Very nice implementation
Jack Rubin : Thanks for the detailed walk-through, though DTACK will always be DEE-tack to me!
Anon E. Muss : DTACK should just be tied to ground...

Assembling a thinclient to serve as an HPDrive for HP9000 Computers

I've used these T5745 thin clients for several projects so far. By adding an inexpensive expansion adapter, you can add a PCI slot to the T5745. PCI slots can be handy on a number vintage projects. For example, I've previously setup a T5745 with an adaptec SCSI board when I needed to image some SCSI hard drives. In this video, I install a GPIB board, and build something called an "hpdrive". HPDrive is software that allows a GPIB-based computer to emulate a HPIB/GPIB storage device such as an HP9121 (floppy unit) or an HP9133 (floppy and hard drive). I load an HP-UX 5.1 image onto the HPDrive, and then I boot an HP 9000/300 using the emulated drive. For more electronics projects, see http://www.smbaker.com/

Blog post: https://www.smbaker.com/assembling-a-thin-client-to-serve-as-an-hpdrive
Jack Rubin : Great - thanks! Heading over to eBay now to buy some stuff! Probably be helpful if you listed the actual equipment used in the intro - gotta scroll back through the video to get more info on the Pi KVM and video converter.

Nice shade-tree mechanic work to "modify" the case for GPIB clearance.
netdudeuk : Thanks for sharing.
Simeon Walker : In my first proper job my boss had an HP9000/720, never having used HP-UX my first task was to upgrade it (from 7 to 8 I think)! I did like their workstations of that era.
Bandana zX : I think my coffee maker is more powerful. Still an interesting share. Thanks.
pcuser80 : Are you on discord? I hear discord new message sound.

Amazing Discoveries- HP 9000 - 1989

THE VERY FIRST - “Amazing Discoveries” was a late-night insomniac fueled INFOMERCIAL! Before the internet, Before QVC, and Before Billy Maze … Mike Levy (1948 – 2003,) was “America’s Pitch Man” for products “As Seen On TV” you see in today’s retail.

Most of these clips aired between 1989 – 1992 when cable networks signed off the air at midnight!
Christie Perry : "nice audience..."
joe b : Where’s his sweater??? This is just weird!
Christie Perry : Mike is kinda dull in this one. Must be the lack of sweater.
Tim Smith : I used to stay up late just to watch this show!
mailboy79 : I can't believe I found this. I was 10 when I saw this for the first time. I thought it was a legitimate TV show and didn't even recognize that it was an advertisement.




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